Who is High Vibrational Living?
About Kelley
I am a Spiritual intuitive and Psychic Medium. I first noticed my gifts at a very young age. It was sporadic at first, but I always seemed to just know things as a child. Then as I got older, I began having precognitive dreams. These dreams would be about the simplest things, and I always wondered why I would have these seemingly unimportant premonitions and then I heard, “You’re in training, these are just tests”. My interests and knowledge base include the topics of Awakening, Energy Healing (I am a Reiki Master Teacher), Higher Consciousness, Vibrational Frequency, and Raw Foods. I also practice Consciousness Coaching, a more in-depth version of Life Coaching, and a program I was actually guided and inspired to create which helps people to understand and deal with the changes they experience as they Awaken. My joy comes from empowering others so that they may sail through these chaotic times with ease and grace while encompassing Love Energy. I do Coaching and Psychic Readings in person, by phone and for groups/parties.

About Doug
True to my Gemini roots, my life has two focuses: Technology and Spirituality. Working in Software Engineering most of my adult life, I've been blessed with some really interesting jobs. I spent 10+ years working at NASA, on the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics Project followed by Hubble Space Telescope. Little did I know these technology-based experiences were actually preparing me for the other half of my life: the merging of an understanding of Science and Spirituality. During one of those "life detours" in Kansas, I was introduced to Reiki. I completed my Master Teacher initiations, and a whole new world opened up to me. I currently hold two degrees: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences. I am currently working on my thesis for my Master of Metaphysical Sciences. I will be sharing my research and results on HVL. Oh, and this web site is a sample of what I can do!